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Activedogs.com is a manufacturing company located in Northern Wisconsin where the winters are long and white. Our facility is 15,000 sq. ft. with additional kennel and training field. We employ approximately thirty American workers that are craftsman in their fields. We specialize in manufacturing training aids and equipment for Working Dogs. Our facility houses a: Sewing Department, Leather Department, Welding & Fabricating Department, Embroidery Department, Plotting & Engraving Department.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality products made in the U.S.A. We currently manufacture over 3000 working dog products. Our motto is quality comes first before quantity. We carefully produce each product knowing that it will be used in conjunction with a dog that deserves the best while working and serving mankind. We have a love and appreciation for the working dog breeds and high energy dogs. Our dogs bring us much enjoyment through working, training, and learning together.

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Top Selling Products

Not sure where to start?  This page contains some of our most popular products for you and your working dog.  Use this as a guide to help you pick out some commonly used equipment.

Dog Vests

We manufacture a complete line of dog vests for large and small dogs.  Most people put a vest or cape on their working dogs as a way to let others know that the dog is doing a job.  Patches are the best way to alert others to what the dog's job is and if they may approach the dog or not.   Vests can also serve other purposes such as carrying items, helping with mobility, or simply making the dog more visible.


The Padded Harness Vest is a great general purpose vest for service and therapy dogs. A reflective handle increases visibility, and there is plenty of room for various patches to be sewn onto this vest. Capable of handling light-duty pulling, this vest can also be used to help with balance/mobility.

We have designed our Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape for those dogs who need to transport a few objects but do not require the larger backpack or saddlebag vest.  The Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape is lightweight, simple, and very functional.  Durable metal zippers secure items in the pockets.  2 metal D-rings are available for attaching a leash.

 The Tiny Dog Vest is for the little dogs who work hard! In sizes 1XS all the way down to 4XS, we have a vest to fit your small working dog. Our Tiny Dog Vests include a D-ring located at the base of the dog's neck to attach a leash, eliminating the need for a collar. The Tiny Dog Vest is also available in mesh material for warm climates or with reflective webbing around the edges for better safety.  We have a Tiny Dog Vest Combo which includes a regular vest and a mesh vest, all at a great price! 



Another common item for service dog owners is a form of identification. We also sell IDs for therapy dogs and search/rescue dogs.  Service dogs have legally protected access to public places where therapy and search/rescue dogs do not.  Many people choose to carry identification for themselves and their dog to make it clear they have a service dog and have rights to have their dog with them.  Without an ID, people with service dogs often get questioned about their dog.


 The Horizontal ID Cards are professional quality plastic ID cards.  These ID cards are printed in full color in the same manner as a driver's license or other ID card. The front contains a picture of the dog, the dog's name, the handler's name, and other forms of identification for the dog. The back side contains ADA law information.  Also available for therapy dogs and search/rescue dogs.  This card is also available as a Vertical ID Card.

The Service Dog Travel Information Packet is great for people who travel frequently with their service dog. The kit includes a metal ID badge with handler and dog information, a laminated card with ADA law information, a plastic engraved tag indicating you're traveling with a service dog, a medical information form, and a lanyard for the ID badge. All items fit neatly in a zippered bag that has an extra pocket for miscellaneous items.

 This Service Dog Travel Tag is a must for those who travel with their service dog.  Highly visible red tag with white lettering clearly indicates that your travelling partner is a service dog. Split ring with durable metal snap attaches nearly anywhere. Convenient ADA law information is on the back of the tag.

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