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Activedogs.com is a manufacturing company located in Northern Wisconsin where the winters are long and white. Our facility is 15,000 sq. ft. with additional kennel and training field. We employ approximately thirty American workers that are craftsman in their fields. We specialize in manufacturing training aids and equipment for Working Dogs. Our facility houses a: Sewing Department, Leather Department, Welding & Fabricating Department, Embroidery Department, Plotting & Engraving Department.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality products made in the U.S.A. We currently manufacture over 3000 working dog products. Our motto is quality comes first before quantity. We carefully produce each product knowing that it will be used in conjunction with a dog that deserves the best while working and serving mankind. We have a love and appreciation for the working dog breeds and high energy dogs. Our dogs bring us much enjoyment through working, training, and learning together.

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Measurement & Color Charts

Measurement Chart For Dog Vests



To Measure for Child's Harness Vest (product# 705301)



Chart for the size measurement of dog boots (product# 708000) 
Our boots are designed for a German Shepherd type of dog leg.



Chart for Fancy Pants measurements (product# 603003)

Girth Strap Extention Size Chart

Part# Size Name Size Extender
7075535 L, XL Working Dog Vest 1.5"
707667 one size Oxgyen Vest 1.5" (2)
707553 one size Backpack Vest 1.5"
7075529 one size Day Trip Vest 1.5" (2)
707542 one size Mesh Bag Vest 1.5" (2)
707549 S, M, L, XL S&R Style Vest 1.5"
707552 one size Saddle Bag Vest 1.5"
7075527 XS, S Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 5/8"
7075527 S, M Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 1"
7075527 L, XL Cold Weather Service Dog Coat 1.5"
70301PAT(PATS&PATN) M All Patrol Vest 1.5"
70301PAT(PATS&PATN) L All Patrol Vest 2"
707875 S, M, L, XL Patrotic Vest 1.5"
707548 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Tiny Dog Vest 5/8"
707547 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Tiny Dog Mesh Vest 5/8"
707548REF 1XS, 2XS, 3XS, 4XS Reflective Tiny Dog Vest 5/8"
707526 3XS, 4XS Small Breed Soft Mesh Harness 5/8"
707526 1XS, 2XS Small Breed Soft Mesh Harness 1"
707521 3XS, 4XS Soft Vested Harness 5/8"
707521 1XS, 2XS Soft Vested Harness 1"
707551 M, L Padded Harness Vest 1.5"
707540 S, M, L Service Dog In Training Vest 1"
707541 S, M, L Therapy Dog In Training Vest 1"
707546 XS, S ID Jacket 1.5"
707546 M, L, XL ID Jacket 2"
707555 S, M, L, XL Mesh Cape Vest 1"
707550 S, M, L Cape Vest 1"
707572 S Butterfly Dual Pocket Vest 5/8" (2)
707572 L Butterfly Dual Pocket Vest 1" (2)


Fabric Colors For Vests




Chart for custom measurements (only if requesting custom items) 



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