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The Working Dog Vest is a true workhorse. It was designed with function and comfort in mind for you and your working dog. The vest is made of PVC backed denier fabric making it extra tough and durable. This vest will not be too hot for the dog to work in. Your dog will be able to work many hours in comfort.

 Sale Price: $115.00

The Horizontal ID Badge is made using a plastic card material that is 30 mils thick. A professional resin thermal encoder machine is used in printing the ID to create a professional looking, durable and long lasting card. The card is laminated on both sides for extra durability.

Sale Price: $15.50

The outer layer of our Scratch Pants is made with puncture resistant, ballistic fabric. The front of the pants is padded. The interior of these scratch pants is lined with a sports "wicking fabric" which pulls the heat and moisture away from the body. These pants are professionally hand quilted and all seams are reinforced. 

Sale Price: $132.50

Beautiful one inch wide laced two color dog collar. Fancy without being overly flashy is what I would say about this dog collar. An attractive brown dog collar that has a black quarter inch wide lacing which is woven through the center of it. Quality all the way through this dog collar as it is backed and lined with black suede leather.

Sale Price: $25.49

The Kong Wobbler is 7.5" long and is ideal for dogs that are over 25 pounds or 12 kilograms.
Special Features:
  • Easy to fill and clean as the top quickly unscrews from the baseUse as a mealtime feeder for dogs that eat too quickly and scarf food
  • Give IQ building fun time to your doggy genius
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dispenses food/treats up to 3/4" in size 

Sale Price: $16.50

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