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Weekly Sales Flyer                                             Week 3
Cape Vest
The Cape Vest is made of two layers of weather resistant, 1000 denier nylon & urethane coated fabric. This fabric is solution dyed and will not bleed. Your K-9 partner will be highly visible and recognized as a working dog. The Cape Vest fits over the dog's head and attaches around its girth with a quick release snap buckle. The chest strap is also adjustable.

On one side, there is a zippered pocket and the other has a light-weight plastic snap. to attach an ID tag or badge. We also have ID badges available (in several materials and styles) which identify your dog.

The vest comes with 1 regular patch of your choice. Additional patches can be purchased, and we will sew them on for you FREE of charge.


Sale Price: $28.79

Reg Price:  $35.99


Embroidered Black Bandana

These are beautifully Embroidered Black Bandanas done with vibrant color embroidery. These are a high stitch count superior quality bandana.  The back of the embroidery work is covered so there's no itchy embroidery backing to irritate your dog. Made with a double layer of soft, black washable polyester fabric. This material will be like putting a silk scarf on your dog. They are folded and sewn on the bias, meaning they will hang correctly on your dog's neck.  All the edges are nicely stitched and finished.

Several service and therapy dog designs to choose from. 

Can be machine washed in cool water and tumble dried.

Available in 2 sizes:

Medium will fit a dog's neck up to 20"
Large will fit a dog's neck up to 30"

Sale Price: $19.99

Reg Price:  $24.99 


Intermediate Synthetic Bite Sleeve


The Intermediate Synthetic Young Dog Sleeve is made with Aerotex and french linen fabric. It is padded and quilted for safety and comfort. The sleeve fits snuggly and securely on your forearm, and is made with an attached cuff.


It allows for easy transition from the puppy sleeves to standard hard bite sleeves. There is a wooden handle inside the sleeve for better grip, helping secure the sleeve to your arm.  There is approximately 1" of padding to protect your arm from the dog. There is no hard material in the sleeve so if your dog bites hard you will still feel pressure on your arm, but the dogs teeth won't puncture through the material.

Provides a soft bite for dogs just learning to take the sleeve.


Sale Price: $109.99

Reg Price:  $129.99  

Ballistic Scratch Pants
The outer layer of our Scratch Pants is made with puncture resistant, ballistic fabric. The front is padded. The interior is lined with a sports "wicking fabric" which pulls the heat and moisture away from the body. Professionally hand quilted and all seams are reinforced.

The side of the legs have long zippers so you can easily slip them over your shoes. At the very bottom of the legs, there is a Hook and Loop strap that allows you to tightly close the leg opening.

We have made the back of the pants higher and put the straps closer together so they won't slide off your shoulders. Multiple fasteners at the waist as well as side release buckles. 
  • Puncture resistant fabric
  • Provides protection without compromising trainer mobility
  • Straps and belts can be adjusted to provide a more personal fit
Sizes: Medium thru XXL

Sale Price: $135.99

Reg Price: $159.99 

Slip-on Sherpa Girth Strap Cover

This strap cover is simple to use and can be added to any of our vests. Both ends are open so you can just slide the cover onto the girth strap. That makes the girth strap cover very convenient for removing for washing and drying. This is a great feature since the girth strap attaches on the strap that runs under the dog's chest where the dog gets dirtiest. 

  • Comes in 8" or 10" lengths.
  • Fits strap widths of 1", 1.5", & 2".
  • Give your working dog a little comfort.
  • Machine washable, line dry. 

Sale Price: $6.99

Reg Price:  $8.99 

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