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Activedogs.com is a manufacturing company located in Northern Wisconsin where the winters are long and white. Our facility is 15,000 sq. ft. with additional kennel and training field. We employ approximately thirty American workers that are craftsman in their fields. We specialize in manufacturing training aids and equipment for Working Dogs. Our facility houses a: Sewing Department, Leather Department, Welding & Fabricating Department, Embroidery Department, Plotting & Engraving Department.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality products made in the U.S.A. We currently manufacture over 3000 working dog products. Our motto is quality comes first before quantity. We carefully produce each product knowing that it will be used in conjunction with a dog that deserves the best while working and serving mankind. We have a love and appreciation for the working dog breeds and high energy dogs. Our dogs bring us much enjoyment through working, training, and learning together.

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ActiveDogs Sales Flyer

August 2014


Day Trip Pack Vest


The Day Trip Pack Vest is made of 1000 denier nylon fabric (urethane coated). The inside of the bags are easy to wipe clean. For your dog's comfort, there is padding underneath the top back plate section. The top of the vest has a round handle with a heavy D-ring for attaching a leash. There are two smaller D-rings for attaching our reflective snap-on bridge handle (sold separately). Also, on the back plate is a cell phone holder. It is netted and secured with a Hook and Loop strap so you won't lose the phone; but at the same time, the netting allows you to hear the phone when it rings. On the other side of the handle is a clear vinyl window pocket with Hook and Loop closure for your dog's ID, information card, or medical alert instructions. The bottoms of the two packs have double layers of fabric for durability. There is reflective webbing on the outside of them. Each pack has two zipper compartments. The bottom outside compartments are shallow and can be used for your keys, medications, ink pens, etc. The two girth straps and front chest strap are adjustable and have plastic side release buckles.





Sale Price: $75.99

List Price: $94.99

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Ultimate Tracking Harness 


The Ultimate Tracking Harness is made of soft supple Latigo leather. The bolt snap on the girth strap makes it easy to take the harness on and off your dog. The shoulder straps and the girth straps are adjustable for proper fitting. The harness has a D-ring on top, backed with a padded leather plate. This helps the harness ride correctly on the dog's back while tracking.

If you have a dog that does not keep its head down during scent tracking, this harness can help correct the problem. String a lead through the two bottom D-rings of the harness and attach it to the dog's collar. When the dog raises its head, you can tug on the bottom lead to pull its nose back down to the ground.

Adjustable Girth: 30-36"




Sale Price: $52.99

List Price: $64.99

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S&R Hi Vis Harness




After working in search & rescue with one of my dogs I realized that there was a need for a double girth harness that was made from the new highly visible yellow/lime fabric.  You see this bright fabric used in  road construction and nearly all dangerous work situations.  In S&R work we wear this new bright yellow/lime color clothing.  


The S&R Hi Vis Double Girth Harness has several unique features that make it very functional for the working dog.  This harness has two girth straps, this is a great feature making the harness more stable on the dog when tracking.  The harness has two D-rings one on the neck area of the harness and the other on the back of the harness.  When working a long line it can be attached to the back D-ring.  This not only gives the dog better free movement but the line tends to tangle less around the dog because it is attached up on the lower part of the dogs back.  The chest area has reflective webbing and is padded and lined with Sherpa. 




Sale Price: $58.99

List Price $73.00

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Engraved Service Animal Sign



The Engraved Service Animal Sign is colored acrylic with easy to read recessed lettering. It comes with two suction cups that can be attached to either side of the sign.

Sign size: 7.5" x 5.5"

This brightly colored sign informs people that there is a service animal on the premises.

High-quality laser engraving.


Black on Yellow

Black on White

White on Blue

White on Red 


Sale Price: $15.99

List Price: $19.99

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Chewber Flying Disc Toy


Chewbers are tough, flexible, and safe. All Chewber products are made of a special blend of natural rubber and are reinforced throughout with a nylon layer. The increased tensile strength that results from this innovation is what distinguishes Chewber products. Perfect for the dog park and open spaces with room to throw! Chewbers are easier to pick up than rigid discs, and dogs LOVE its flexible springy consistancy!

Unlike plush toys, rope toys, & tennis balls, Chewbers wash up easily in the sink and are also dishwasher safe on air-dry setting.

Chewbers are also an 'on the spot' water dish. Perfect for dogs on the go!


Sale Price: $11.95

List Price: $14.99

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Caliber Dog

Collapsible Bowl


Large capacity foldable dog bowl for water or food. Like everything made in the caliber series it is the finest of goods and materials. Comes in black color with blue interior. This foldable water/food bowl is a large capacity bowl holding 64oz of fluid. It comes with bungee wrap so you can fold and roll up the bowl for storage. It has an attached no rust black plastic swivel snap so you can attach it for travel or you can hang the bowl for drying.

Guaranteed water proof.

Made in America.




Sale Price: $10.99

List Price: $14.99

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Hand Crafted

Braided Leather Collar



This beautiful 1 1/2" leather collar has a braided leather strip running along the top side.  The collar is all black with the option of three different colors of braids: black/black, black/brown, and black/burgundy.  It has nickel plated hardware and is made of Latigo leather.  The Braided Leather Collar is very stylish and has the strength of a traditional leather collar.  The layer of leather is stitched together with thread for strength and decoration.  These collars are hand crafted to make a high quality finish. Which gives each collar its own slightly unique design. 


Sale Price: $36.99

List Price: $44.99

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Red Jute Tug Set



Our exclusive Red Jute line of tugs are made of a jute that we had specially woven for this purpose. The weave is done in a herringbone pattern. There is a poly core woven throughout the weave making this jute very strong. This line of tugs all have two handles that are thick easy to hold tubular handles. All the edges of this jute are lined and bound for a clean and durable finish. We are featuring this line of tugs with a special sale price, for even bigger savings you can purchase the complete set of four. Four different sizes of tugs are offered in this Red Jute. This product number is for the four sizes, 8"x12" tug, 4"x16" tug, 5"x20" tug, and the 6"x8" tug.



Sale Price: $71.99

List Price: $89.99

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