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Tactical Bite Suits & Sleeves

Training your dog for work in police K-9 units or for service in the military, requires proper protective gear made from materials that will allow for bite development while at the same time, offer protection for the handler or owner.

At Active Dogs we feature a wide variety of products that will guarantee your safety during rigorous training exercises with your future police or military dog.

Our tactical bite suits, pants, and bite sleeves are made from materials of the highest quality, including jute, leather, and French linen. We are the only facility in the United States that produces and manufactures French linen with a specialty technical weave, ensuring maximum wear and durability during training.

We also feature padded gauntlets, scratch jackets and pants, aprons, mitts and targeting cuffs. Our bite developers as well as hand protectors offer top of the line protection, and our bite sleeves are sized for puppies as well as full-grown dogs.

Browse our site for brief descriptions of our products, and please contact us with any questions, comments or if looking for more detailed information!

Protection Mitt

Protection Mitt

Price: $69.99
Leather Gauntlet

Leather Gauntlet

Price: $39.00
CaliberDog X-Sleeve

CaliberDog X-Sleeve

Price: $139.99
1 Review
Jute Sleeve Covers

Jute Sleeve Covers

Price: $39.95
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