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Product Number: 708241

Pepper Spray Crowd Control Canister

Price: $18.99


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This product number is for the Pepper Spray Canister that is designed to spray a wide spray area and would cover approximately the width of 6 persons. The top of the canister has a safety slide off clip that protects the canister from accidental spray when not in use. To use the canister, slide off the orange clip on the canister top which will enable you to access the trigger. This canister is also designed with a looped finger hole for secure trigger spraying. This product number 708241 is a powerful 15% O.C. Pepper, Derivative of 4mill SHU 10-13. Made in the USA and contains UV Dye. As always use common sense at all times when using this product. This product is not a substitute for individual precaution and diligence. Escape may be the best alternative in some cases. Use of this non-lethal weapon would be your last resort. Keep out of reach of children. Contents under pressure and is a strong Irritant. Use caution when disposing of canister. Do not store unit above temperature of 115 degrees F or in direct sunlight, or in vehicle during hot weather or extreme cold weather. This product contains Oleoresin Capsicum which is an irritant which inflames the eyes and mucous membranes and will generally impair breathing. Made in the USA, 3 fl.oz canister.


3 oz. Canister

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Pepper Spray Crowd Control Canister

Pepper Spray Canister

Pepper Spray


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