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Product Number: 707524

Small Dog Backpack Vest

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Our Small Service Dog Backpack Vest is designed for the small working dog.

Now all those small working dogs have a vest with 2 side bags to carry that little stuff.  The vest w/attached side bags is light weight with the least amount of restriction to the dog.  The side bags would be handy to carry items such as EpiPen®, pill bottle, wipes, clean-up bags, folding water dish, or paperwork.  The side bags have zippers on them so you won’t lose the contents of the bags.  The Small Dog Backpack Vest comes with your choice of two 1.5”x3” patches. This vest is lined with soft quilted fabric so it is comfortable for the smaller dog.  Both the chest and girth straps are adjustable.
This Small Dog Backpack Vest comes in 4 sizes and all 13 of the vest colors.

Girth sizes:
  • 1XS 21" - 24”
  • 2XS 18" - 21”
  • 3XS 14" - 17”
  • 4XS 11" - 13”
Measurement chart

This vest comes with 2 patches (regular, not specialty patch).

You may purchase additional patches, and we sew them on for you FREE of charge. Please specify where you would like your patch(es) located on your vest in the “Patch Placement” field in the shopping cart. e.g. Service Dog patch left, middle.

Service Dogs: A person must be legally disabled and their dog must perform a task for them. The handler has public access rights with a Service Dog and they are protected under Federal ADA Law, and are allowed access to public property with their Service Dog.
Emotional Support Dogs: A person must have a note from a licensed mental health professional in order to legally have an ESA dog. These dogs provide an increased comfort level for their owner, particularly in social situations. These dogs do not have ADA public access rights but they are allowed to fly with their owners and qualify for no-pet housing.
Therapy Dogs: A trained dog that meets the needs of others such as; visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc while doing pet therapy work. The handlers do not have ADA public access rights with Therapy Dogs and must have permission from an establishment to enter.



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Small Service Dog Backpack VestSmall Service Dog Backpack Vest Small Therapy Dog Backpack VestSmall Therapy Dog Backpack Vest Small Service Dog Backpack Vest Small Therapy Dog Backpack Vest  Small Therapy Dog Backpack Vest Small Service Dog Backpack Vest     Small Therapy Dog Backpack Vest Small Service Dog Backpack Vest13 color splotch


Size Chart

  1XS 2XS 3XS 4XS
Girth 21"-24" 18"-21" 14"-17" 11"-13"





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