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K9 Cart (1/5) Dec 11, 2010 Jenni Lough Watson Concord Nc US
  I absolutely love this cart and have just about trained all the skills I need to ride while my dog is pulling. The cart as agile and is easy to manuever, especially for a green dog.

Sadly, due to equipment problems, I cannot ride in the cart as of yet. All of the work I have done has been on the ground.

The shafts are way to short for an average sized dog to safely pull on any surface other than flat. The cart rides up on the dog with the slightest speed change causing the third wheel or the entire cart(if wheel is removed) to "eat the dog from behind". I have tried at least 10 different harnesses, none will work to keep the cart off the dog.

The shafts need an extension to insert in the bolted section to make the shafts longer, depending on what type of harness you use and the size dog.

The double dog shaft is completely unusuable. It is as if there are pieces missing to attach the harness and tack to. The dogs immediately move away from one another and there is nothing to keep them in line with the shaft. Pulling this way could cause injury to both rider and team.
I am disappointed that I cannot yet use the Team Shaft or Ride safely with one single dog pulling.

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