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Great product (4/5) Oct 2, 2008 Sharon Davis Lakewood Co US
  I am a trainer with Colorado Service dogs.
A cliant I am working with is using the child harness with his service dog in harness. The first time he used it in a shoping mall he smiled BIG the whole time we were working. It was the first time he was able to be in public without some one holding on to him, restraining him from free movment. Only some one who lives with a Autistic Child can fully understand the fredom this product gives the child and the family to enjoy trips in Public. I can't say enough how great this product is. One thing my cliant and I think may need a little modifing is the elistic waist. He pulls so hard and it stretches so much we are afraid it may snap back and hurt him.
Autism Mom/Special Education Teacher (5/5) Jan 4, 2009 Alissa D. Ellis, B.S., M.Ed. Surprise AZ US
  I have not even ordered the product yet, but have to give a positive review simply because it is the only product of its kind I could even find available! (The ONLY other such child/service dog training harness I could find online looked like a kinky sex-slave accessory...eewww, not the kind of image I want to project while training a service animal)!!
We are still awaiting our service dog to be old enough to come home to begin training, but will be using this harness for that training once we begin.
I have to echo what both Linda and the Colorado trainer have stated; it is IMPOSSIBLE to train a child with autism to work with a service dog without this type of product, because the child is busy doing exactly what the service dog was employed to help correct: spinning in circles, flapping wildly, or in our case, endlessly performing Star Wars choreography. You simply can't train (most) children with autism to work with a service dog without such equipment. A key element of training is to have the distance between service animal and child become second-nature to the child and a harness such as this is imperative to that mission!
After viewing the only other alternative product I could find out there, this one wins hands-down.

To Linda: THANK YOU (!!!) on behalf of loving mothers of children with autism, who would do anything to ensure their child's safety and psycho-social well-being, including using training aids!

I don't know who the 'mystery' reviewer was, but if anyone ever catches them using a golf-swing trainer, spell-check, or tax software, you better really let them have it! After all, training aids are training aids!!!
Wonderful (5/5) May 2, 2009 Leanna George Four Oaks NC US
  Serenity Loves her vest. I had picked up a patch from elsewhere and it fits nicely in the vinyl pocket. The only problem I have with the vest is my daughter likes to pull at things in the vinyl pocket, so it really doesn't do much good for us. Would much prefer being able to sew on a patch alerting people to that the child autistic or something over having the pocket, but that is my preference. All in all, it's a great product. We used this the first time over easter at a egg hunt and it was great. Works very well with the patrol harness on Jenna.
Good product (3/5) Feb 19, 2012 Candice Crowe Westland Mi US
  I have only used this product once but was fairly impressed. My son did not wonder off, stayed more focused, seemed to enjoy himself while shopping. The only thing I would change is the elastic waist. I think it is a good idea but not really functional. I am worried it is going to snap while my child is pulling on it. I also wish there was a strap between the legs as my son tries to pull it off OVER his head.

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