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Using Squeaker Balls in Training

Training and motivating your dog with squeaker balls has its place in the world of dog training. I use squeaker tennis balls from Kong in training for service dogs. I like the larger size for our dogs. I would not use the squeaker ball on a Schutzhund/Protection dog as it tends to excite the dog and the dog wants to chew a lot with this ball. And a chewing dog is no good for tug and sleeve work. But for other training, like training a service dog retrieving or task completion reward, they work well. Kong Air Squeaker Balls (600137, 600138) are some of the best on the market. The type of glue used in making the tennis style ball is always something to watch for when buying tennis balls (or any other training aid) for your dog. You want to find out if the glue used in the manufacturing of the tennis ball is toxic to your dog. If the package does not say “nontoxic” don’t buy them. All Kong tennis balls are made with nontoxic glue. When you compress the ball it makes a squeaking noise and that gets the dogs attention and creates drive in the dog. If a dog is not motivated and does not have drive, then it is more difficult to teach them anything. So make sure to try using Squeaker Balls in your dogs training and make it more fun and perhaps a little easier for yourself too. © 2003-2017 All Rights Reserved.