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Using Your Dog’s Leash as a Handle

There is an easy way to turn your dog’s collar and leash into a handle while walking your dog. I use the Herm Sprenger brand Fur Saver Collars on most of my dogs because they not only save the dogs fur from being matted down around the neck but also function as a choke chain collar while walking the dog. What I do to make my leash into a handle is – take hold of the round live ring of the chain collar that slides freely through the other section of the collar. While holding the round ring slip the leash handle over the ring then loop the leash over the back of the dogs neck and back to the round ring. Snap the leash back onto this same round ring of the collar. This is fast, simple, and works very well. The reason it is effective because the collar is a choke style collar when you pull back on the handle (looped leash) it tightens on the dogs neck giving you more control over the dog. On the dog in the photo I am using the Herm Sprenger 3mm Fur Saver Collar (45-6440). I use the 24” or the 32” leather leash (410010) but you could also use a little longer 36” leather leash (401065), it just depends on the size of your dog and how much space you want between you and the dog. © 2003-2017 All Rights Reserved.