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Loving working life!

cc: A german shepherd laying in the grass wearing a brown leather guide harness
Han Solo
Han is a loved member of the Dixon family.
Bryn is my wonderful service dog who has changed my whole life for the better! He was a rescue that chose me & he is now 8 & nearing retirement.
Joan (Jett of Arc)
Joanie is a PTSD service dog in training. English Mastiff pictured here at six months old/ 2 months trained. Caliber Vest and patches.
Cadence belongs to this wonderful veteran and is trained for mobility assist, migraine alert and PTSD tasks.
Tank is a 96 pound Lab/BBM rescued from a shelter. He is now my mobility and DAD Service Dog. Tank wears his mesh vest proudly. Tank is a shelter rescue. He is my Mobility and BG SD. Tank poudlyy wears his mesh vest.
Tucker is a lab/retriever mix. He started service dog training when he was 4 months old. He is sporting the CaliberDog K9 Tactical MOLLE Vest.
Purebred yellow lab. Service dog. 77 pounds. Size large vest with bag clipped to vest.
This is Mya, my 7 year old boxer (as of Jan 2019). I've had her since she was 8 weeks old and have been working her since she was 2.
Josie, a rescue, and my loving service dog, have published their book, “Josie’s Story from rescue to service dog with advice for all who
love dogs