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Schutzhund Hurdle Jump - Dog Hurdles & Equipment

New 2014 designed Hurdle Jump, is very light-weight but incredibly strong. Our Hi-Tech aluminum square tubing is designed for Heavy
use and stability. It has some great new features. First, we have changed the frame construction to an all aluminum frame.
Aluminum does not attract heat and will not rust. The frame is light-weight, yet sturdy. The hurdle jump’s new design also gives you the
option of any height adjustment you need. This is a nice feature for training new dogs or starting a young dog. The jump meets the
Schutzhund regulation size (2004 Schutzhund rule changes). The body of the hurdle is made from outdoor, marine grade fabric which is
double stitched. On the new design hurdle jump, we have increased the padding on the top rail. This is a safety feature so your dogs will
not get hurt. If you have a dog that does not want to jump clean but pushes off the top rail, we also suggest using our “Brush Boot Topper”
to help prevent your dog from doing this. Our hurdle comes with a carry & storage bag.

Ball Tree

Ball Tree

Price: $39.99
Brush Boot Topper

Brush Boot Topper

Price: $75.95
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