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The Service Dog Grocery Getter Harness is a form fitting harness that has two detachable grocery bags. It is designed to fit securely on the shape of a dog yet at the same time gives flexibility to the dog's movement. This is a harness that the dog can wear all day long comfortably. When this harness is sized and put on the dog properly it will not slide around or roll on the dog. 

Sale Price: 95.00

The Embroidered Identification Strap Covers give you high visibility with getting your message out to those you meet. We have embroidered a colorful very high stitch count identification message on a dark background colored fabric. The message pops with color and won't be easily missed. The dark background is a UV fade resistant fabric and will give you many years of service. Both sides of the strap cover are embroidered with the same message so if your leash is twisted you will still be able to send your message to the public.

Sale Price: $10.50

When it comes to training your dog, the key is to associate what he or she loves with mental exercise, or, in other words, a challenging, play toy. So with the Orbee-Tuff Mazee, your dog will learn how to solve the puzzle, while also receiving a Planet Dog reward for their hard work. The pliable outer shell allows for durability, so man's best friend can play for as long as he or she wants. For any dog, that's a win-win.

Sale Price: 14.25

Our Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottles are sublimated with permanent ink for a rich colorful finish that will resist fading.  The bottle holds 20oz of hot or cold liquid and has a non-spill lid. You can upload a photo and customized text to be displayed on the bottle. The photo will be sublimated on the bottle along with your custom text.
This Stainless Steel Bottle makes a great personalized gift!

Starting at: $15.95

The vest w/attached side bags is light weight with the least amount of restriction to the dog.  The side bags would be handy to carry items such as EpiPenŽ, pill bottle, wipes, clean-up bags, folding water dish, or paperwork.  The side bags have zippers on them so you won't lose the contents of the bags.  The Small Dog Backpack Vest comes with your choice of two 1.5"x3" patches. This vest is lined with Air-Tech mesh fabric so it is comfortable and breathable.  Both the chest and girth straps are adjustable.

Sale Price: 47.50

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