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 The Butterfly Dual Pocket Cape is lightweight, simple and very functional.  The pockets do not expand like the saddlebag vest; yet, they are wide enough to fit a wallet, keys, pill bottles, identification papers, etc. in them. This vest has two girth straps to keep the vest from shifting while the dog is moving.  Both girth and chest straps are adjustable.

Sale Price: $38.50

The full ventilation design permits excellent air movement on all sides.  This is a great feature for dogs that remain in the crate for periods of time.
Aluminum is a perfect material for dog crates because it is lightweight, strong, does not rust, and does not absorb the sun's heat. We use the TIG welding process for all of our aluminum welding because it provides the strongest aluminum weld.
36" Dog Crate: 36"L x 24"W x 28"H
42" Dog Crate: 42"L x 28"W x 32"H

Sale Price: $518 & $569

There are so many nice things about this hoodie.  It is a lighter weight so you can dress in layers.  The length and tailoring are so agreeable for the female form. It is long enough to wear with legging and have your backend covered.  You can choose from 2 graphics and any custom saying/text can be added at no charge. Get creative with the custom text option and make it the perfect the hoodie for yourself or it makes a great gift. The interior of our OGIO Athletic Woman's Personalized Full Zip Hoodie is a textured light weight fleece, this works well to keep your body warm but also distributes your body heat so you don't feel overheated. 

Sale Price: $47.25

The Rigid Bridge Handle is a solid core bridge handle with metal snaps, rubber grip handle, and a chrome service dog identification band. This bridge handle has a solid core construction so it will stay rigid when using. The chrome service dog identification band is well done. It is engraved with the text Service Dog and two insignias. The band can be adjusted to the desired height you want it placed on the handle. It is also removable. The top of the Rigid Bridge Handle has a molded rubber grip. The snaps are high quality metal snaps. This bridge handle is 12" tall.

Sale Price: $19.50

Our exclusive Blue Jute line of tugs are made of a jute that we had specially woven for this purpose. The weave is done in a herringbone pattern. There is a poly core woven throughout the weave making this jute very strong. This line of tugs all have two handles that are thick easy to hold tubular handles. All the edges of this jute are lined and bound for a clean and durable finish. Four different sizes of tugs are offered in this set; 8"x12" tug, 4"x16" tug, 5"x20" tug, and the 6"x8" tug.

Sale Price: $71.25

This CNC cut aluminum dog coat hanger is fun way to hang coats, leashes, bags, and more. Made from a single piece of 0.100" aluminum for maximum durability. Mounting holes for easy installation. Black satin painted finish.

You can choose to have the dog breed name cut into the metal or have the hanger personalized with up to 2 lines of text.
Many dog breeds to choose from! Makes a great gift!

Sale Price: $21.50

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