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Service/Therapy Engraved Dog Tags and Signs

With any dog, it is imperative to have proper identification badges and tags. offers an assortment of service and therapy dog tags, decals and signs for the working dog breeds.

We offer engraved dog tags, print decals and signs, as well as:
  • Badges
  • Detection Dog IDs
  • Handler ID Tags
  • License Plate Signs
  • Vehicle Signs
Some of our products can be engraved with your dog's name and can be customized based on if it's a service or therapy dog. The handler dog tag gives owners a convenient and visible option to inform others that they require the assistance of a service dog.

At, we provide our customers with a full selection of dog equipment supplies and accessories to meet every need of their service or therapy dogs. Check out all of our great products online, or contact us today for more information on any product.
Engraved Service Dog Travel Tag

Engraved Service Dog Travel Tag

Price: $10.99
4 Reviews
Engraved Aluminum Dog Tag

Engraved Aluminum Dog Tag

Price: $9.99
1 Review
Metal Dog Tag

Metal Dog Tag

Price: $12.99
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