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Active Dogs is a one-stop shop for dog agility accessories. Here, you'll find training tugs, strap and stake tie-downs, stake pullers, dog trainer ID cards and treat pouches, like our treat and clicker pouch. Our selection of agility training supplies was curated to help agility trainers and the dogs they work with to be successful during every weave, jump, teeter and tunnel run. Shop our selection of dog agility training equipment you need to train agility champions.
Jute Mini Tug w/ Squeaker 3.5x3.5
Price: $6.99
5 Reviews
5 Finger Sheepskin Tug
Price: $29.99
16 Reviews
The Gripper Jute Ball
Price: $24.95
3 Reviews
Belt Loop Bait Bags
Starting At: $17.99
5 Reviews
Real Sheepskin Shearling Tug
Price: $18.99
3 Reviews
Fleece Bungee Tug w/Rubber Tails
Price: $29.99
1 Review
Agility Tunnel Tamer
Price: $28.99
Stake Puller
Price: $14.99

Find the Dog Agility Training Supplies You Need at Active Dogs

Agility training is a great way to bring owners and their dogs closer together. In addition to being a great source of exercise, agility training provides mental stimulation and encourages dogs to utilize their natural instincts. It also strengthens the bond between dogs and their handlers. But agility training might not be right for every dog. If you're considering it, there are a few things you'll need to weigh before getting started.

Are You and Your Dog in Good Shape?

Agility training is very strenuous. Dogs not only need to have a healthy heart, but they also need to have strong joints. The same goes for you, too. Before starting a training regimen, it's recommended that a veterinarian does a thorough exam to ensure that a dog is fit for it. Puppies are no exception. Puppies' developing joints can get injured when they're over-stressed. So, have your dog checked out regardless of age, and make sure you get a physical as well to ensure that both of you are agility course ready. 

Does Your Dog Enjoy Being Around Other Dogs and People?

If you instantly said, "Not at all," agility most likely isn't for you. If your dog enjoys being around everyone and exploring different environments, then agility training shouldn't be a problem. You want your dog to always feel at ease so they can compete when they're at their best. 

Is Your Dog Easily Motivated?

If getting your dog to do the simplest things is a major ordeal, agility training will be even more of a challenge. During a course run, you'll need to keep your dog engaged and moving. If your dog tends to lose interest fast, try a different activity. 

If you know that your dog is a good candidate for agility training, take the time to discover phrases or motions that will keep it encouraged and in the mood to finish the course. Why? Because you won't be able to keep treats or toys on-hand while you're participating. This means the bond between the two of you will have to be stronger than ever. Know which words and gestures will keep your dog focused beforehand so you don't lose your dog's attention in the middle of your run. 

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