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Traffic Dog Leash 30 30 Traffic Leash with Herm Sprenger Snap Traffic Leash with Herm Sprenger Snap

Comfort Grip Traffic Leash - 30 inch

Part # 707567

Price: $19.99


The Comfort Grip Traffic Leash is made with 1 inch wide, heavyweight, black tubular nylon webbing. The contoured, rubber handle provides a wide, comfortable grip. A heavy D-ring has been placed about a foot above the snap and allows you to loop the leash back to itself. The leash attaches to your dog's collar with a Herm Sprenger Swivel Scissor Snap, which easily pinches open. The leash forms a Y style shape, giving you better control of your dog. This comfort grip leash is perfect for an individual with an arthritic hand, or someone who needs a more secure grip when walking a dog.

Wide, comfortable grip


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