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3 Snap Reflective Pulling Leash Reflective Pulling Leash with 3 Snaps

Reflective 3 Snap Pulling Leash

Part # 707551P

Price: $13.99


These leashes are designed primarily for pulling with your dog. Used in conjunction with the appropriate dog vest you can facility more useable behavior from your dog.

There are two designs:

1. Works with the Padded Harness Vest

2. Works with the Working Dog Vest.

The distance between the 3 rings on the vests correspond with the 3 swivel scissor snaps on each of the leashes. When using the vests for pulling, this leash distributes the weight so the dog can pull evenly and gives you more control of your dog. The looped strap, on the back of the leash, is a handle with an attached O-ring. This allows you to attach another leash to give you a longer lead.

Reflective web provides for optimal visibility and safety

Two Designs:
Padded Harness Vest
Working Dog Vest



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