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AceK9 Heat Alarm Pro Temperature Monitor for K9

Ace K9 Vehicle Heat Alarm Pro

Part # 81102

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The K9 HEAT ALARM® Pro, is a temperature monitoring system for use in a canine vehicle. The unit monitors vital components including temperature sensors and vehicle battery voltage. The information is shown on a 32-character backlit alphanumeric display. If an alarm condition is detected the unit will activate a S.O.S. Horn Honk signal, siren and light-bar activation and dual window drop. Software based features allow for future upgrades.

Features Include:

"Forget Me Not" AUTO ON / MANUAL OFF Feature

* * * (All Pro Series models include this feature) * * *

The system always Auto Powers ON when the ignition is turned ON and requires the handler to Manually turn the system OFF.  At end of shift when the handler presses and holds the power button to shut down the system, an audible and visual warning to remove the dog is given and the system shuts down.

"!! REMOVE K-9 !!"

If the handler turns off the ignition and just exits the vehicle, the system stays ON and keeps monitoring the interior environment for the K9.


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