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Engrade Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm Engrade Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm

En'garde Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

Part # 81007

Price: $237.00


Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm

Two deadly threats lurking for Police Officers and K-9 Partners.


Carbon monoxide killed a Police Officer on surveillance in his vehicle and smoke took the life of a K-9 on standby in his vehicle.


The Hot Dog™ and Premier Canine System™  technology, electronically interfaced with the First Alertâ Dual Sensor system can save the lives of those exposed to these silent killers.


This combination of systems designed to detect the deadly conditions created by carbon monoxide leaking from exhausts, smoke from smoldering wires and heat from air conditioning failure provides virtually the broadest array of alerting functions helping to save lives.


When either K-9 system goes into alert mode, from detecting these deadly conditions, it lowers an electric window, turns on an optional fan, intermittently activates the horn and optional pager seeking help for the Officer or K-9.

Future Hot Dog™ and Premier Canine Systems™ will be equipped with a coupling jack allowing for an easy addition of the carbon monoxide and smoke detection option.

Previously produced systems may be updated by returning only the control unit for the interface jack installation.

The First Alertâ Dual Sensor module is equipped with interfacing circuitry, a reset button and six feet of cable with a jack for connection to the Hot Dog™ and Premier Canine Systems™.



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