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Shearling Tug Shearling Leash Tug

Shearling Leash Tug

Part # 002100

Price: $18.99


These exclusive Shearling Leash Tugs are open from end to end so you can conveniently take them with you on your walks to the park. We make these tugs with or without squeekers inside. They are a great motivational tool! You can either choose to use the thick easy to hold tubular handle or keep it on the leash to drag in front of and entice your dog. This tug works great for agility, fly ball, and prey build training. The tug is made of shearling and has reinforced fleece on the edges and inside the tug. The measurement of the tug is 15”x3”. (leash not included)

 Color of tug handle will vary


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Shearling Leash Tug
Price: $18.99