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Leg Gator Covers

Part # 206400

Price: $19.99


This is an “old school” item and we are still making them because they are just so handy. If you have ever done any tracking in early morning or rain and snow then these are essential to keep in your working dog bag or coat pocket. I love them because after you are done tracking you just slip them off over your shoes and put them in the netted storage bag to dry out. No walking around all day at training in those rubber boots. You can wear them tucked inside your boots/shoes or slip them on over your boots/shoes. They keep your pant legs dry and they also give you just a little more wind protection. Nothing more chilling then walking around all day in those wet jean bottoms that are soaked up to your knees. You can choose from 2 sizes and 2 colors.

Netted Storage bag included.

Keep Pants Legs Dry & Wind Out


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Leg Gator Covers
Price: $19.99