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Tracking Flags-Set of 6 Tracking Flags

Tracking Flags - Set of 6

Part # 207079

Price: $7.95


This item is a set of 6 tracking flag markers. Retail on these markers is normally $1.95 each. The markers measure 21"long and the flags are 5"x8". They work well to use during tracking practice showing where you made your turns. Being bright orange you can easily see the turn long before you reach it. If you are aging your track it is not always easy to remember where you made your turns and these are great reminder flags. They are small enough not to distract the dog. I also use them when I am practicing the group and have no one around to stand for me. If you are trying to set a course they also work great to mark off your paces while you practice. This item is for the flags only not to include tracking line.



Set of 6 Tracking Flag Markers


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