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Grab & Go Task Trainer Grab & Go Assistance Dog Trainer Task Training Opener Grab N Go

Grab & Go K9 Training Aid

Part # 708240

Price: $23.99


Grab & Go is designed as a carry along tool for opening doors or drawers. Keys and other items can be hooked on the snap. The barrel of the Grab & Go is non abrasive and gentle for the dog's mouth and teeth; but at the same time, it is firm enough for the dog to get a good grip.

The other end of the Grab & Go has a cord with an adjustable cord lock which can be used to slip around or through handles. When using the Grab & Go to open a door, the adjustable cord lock prevents it from slipping off the door knob when the dog is pulling on it. It can be used to train a dog to bring the object you dropped back to you. You could even loop it snugly around a TV remote control and train a dog to bring it to you.


The Grab & Go floats, so it can be used for water retrieval.

Barrel of the Grab & Go is 6” in length

Designed for carrying with you when traveling



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