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5 Piece Tracking Package

5 Piece Tracking Package

Part # 207070

Price: $49.95


You Get All Five Pieces to this Tracking Set!  

1. A heavy cotton Tracking Line. Cotton tracking lines are hard to find now days. This is the type of line that I personally use to work my dog. It is 33 feet (10 meters) which is what is the regulation length used for Schutzhund work. The color is dark olive green. This line is 1" wide and made of heavy cotton webbing. It has a solid 3" bolt snap at one end that also swivels. Swivel snaps make for easy hooking off and on the harness or collar. The swivel snaps work well because they don't twist and tangle as easily.

2. Treats work perfect for starting your dog tracking. They are just the right size; not so big that the dog does not linger at the pick up on the track. I have not seen a dog that does not love these. They also work good as an obedience reward as they motivate pooch.

3. A set of 6 tracking flag markers. Retail on these markers is normally $1.95 each. The markers measure 24"long and the flags are 5"x8". They work well to use during tracking practice showing where you made your turns. Being bright orange you can easily see the turn long before you reach it. If you are aging your track it is not always easy to remember where you made your turns and these are great reminder flags. They are small enough not to distract the dog.

4. Tracking bait bag made of tuff cordura fabric. It is yellow in color with black heavy nylon trim. The heavy trim helps hold the top open when not closed with the pull bungie cord. It is lined and can easily we wiped out clean. The size is 6.5" W x 5" T. There is a bungie draw string cord with stop so you can close the top. Also there is a D-ring on the front so you can hook your toy, lead, etc on the Treat Bag. The back has a spring snap so you can hook the bag on your belt or belt loop of your pants. What is nice about this Treat Bag is that the top is wide enough to easily fit your hand into and shallow enough so you can easily see what you are getting out.

5.Tracking Articles, a set of 3 new scent articles. These articles are made of 1/4" thick leather, carpet, and wood. They are perfect for Schutzhund or AKC tracking. The articles meet the size regulation that can be used for tracking in a Schutzhund Trial.  

Schutzhund Tracking Special


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