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Service Dog Universal ID Cards

Part # 701223

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We have designed a universal PVC ID Card that very affordable.  We use the same high quality 30mil plastic card material that we use in our custom IDs.

A professional resin thermal encoder machine is used in printing the IDs to create a professional looking, durable and long lasting card. The card is laminated on both sides for extra durability.  

Service Dogs: A person must be legally disabled and their dog must perform a task for them. The handler has public access rights with a Service Dog and they are protected under Federal ADA Law, and are allowed access to public property with their Service Dog.
Emotional Support Dogs: A person must have a note from a licensed mental health professional in order to legally have an ESA dog. These dogs provide an increased comfort level for their owner, particularly in social situations. These dogs do not have ADA public access rights but they are allowed to fly with their owners and qualify for no-pet housing.
Therapy Dogs: A trained dog that meets the needs of others such as; visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc while doing pet therapy work. The handlers do not have ADA public access rights with Therapy Dogs and must have permission from an establishment to enter.


(3 out of 5) from 1 Review
0 out of 1 (0%) reviewers recommend this product.

Marana Az
February 13th, 2015
Not for a hot climate...
This is a well designed and attractive card, and moderately priced, but I cannot recommend it for warm climates.
When placed in a vest with a clear plastic window, heat causes the printing to come off on the window and stain it permanently. The printing comes off and you end up with an ugly smeared mess in the vest window that you cannot clean.

No, I would NOT recommend this product.

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