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Full Ventilation Double Door Dog Crate Full Ventilation Dog Crate Side Handle Full Ventilation Double Door Dog Crate Door Handle

Double Door (Front/Side) Full Vent Dog Crate

Part # 9910012D, 9910062D, 9910072D

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The full ventilation design permits excellent air movement on all sides.  This is a great feature for dogs that remain in the dog crate for long periods of time.  The double door crates feature a door on the end and a door on the side. This full ventilation dog crate comes in 3 different sizes. The smallest crate measures 36" long, 28" tall, and 24" wide. Most inside wheel-well measurements in trucks, vans, and SUVs are 48" wide. This way you can fit any two of the small crates we offer in your vehicle side-by-side. The medium crate measures 42" long, 32" tall, and 28" wide.  The largest crate measures 48" long, 32" tall, and 28" wide. The gap between the bars on the crate is 2". The top and bottom of the dog crate and the doors are polished, thick diamond plate aluminum.  Each door is laser cut, double reinforced, and features a stainless steel, locking door latch with one key.  The doors can be latched with or without locking it. class="text" align="left">Each side panel of the dog crate has two recessed handles. The handles are spring loaded and stay flush with the side of the dog crate when not in use. These handles make carrying the crate safe because you do not have to put your hands in through the bars to move the crate. class="text" align="left">There is a welded bar inside the dog crate side wall to hang a flat sided pail (sold separately). This prevents the dog from tipping over it's water so easily, therefore having a dry kennel to lie in while traveling or at training.  You can also hang a crate fan on the outside of the crate.

Aluminum is a perfect material for dog crates because it is lightweight, strong, is rust resistant, and does not absorb the sun's heat. We use the TIG welding process for all of our aluminum welding because it provides the strongest aluminum weld.  This dog crate is extremely durable and is great for power dogs who get out of plastic kennels.

Our Full Ventilation line of dog crates can easily be made air-line approved, simply add the airline bar option to your order.

3 Sizes Available:

Door dimensions are 15.5" wide by 22" high. End & Side Doors, Full Ventilation Design

*All crates are shipped via standard freight LTL service, if you need lift gate service there will be an additional fee of $100, please specify in comment box if service is required*

(5 out of 5) from 1 Review

Hayward, WI US
July 30th, 2012
48" crates
This crate is the best out there. If you are looking...don't waste your time on anything else. We purchased this 48" crate for Sawyer County Search & Rescue and now that we have a K-9 unit we will be purchasing 2 more.

KD on October 5th, 2020
Is this crate easy to fold down?

Manufacturer Response on October 5th, 2020
This crate is a solid welded crate and does not break down.


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Double Door (Front/Side) Full Vent Dog Crate
9910012D, 9910062D, 9910072D
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