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2500tb t&b Dogtra Collars 1 dog system hd2500tb 2502tb t&b Dogtra Collars 2 dog system

Dogtra 2500 T&B Series

Part # HD2500TB, HD2502TB


This compact training and beeper unit is ideally designed for the upland hunter. The new 2500 T&B has the beeper horn built into the reciever, which eliminates the bulky horn that the other beeper units have. The beeper has a 400 yard range with a dual high & three-level volume adjustment selector switch for the run/point mode, point mode, and locate only mode. It is also fully waterproof, with 1 mile range. This model features 127 levels of nick and continuous stimulation, the Rheostat dial allows for gradual adjustment. The transmitter has an LCD window that displays the intensity level, along with a three bar battery life indicator. This item includes, two-hour quick charge Lithium-Polymer batteries, belt clip and lanyard. We also offer the Dogtra 2500 T&B in the two-dog unit.


Professional Trainer/Beeper


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Dogtra 2500 T&B Series
HD2500TB, HD2502TB
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