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Product Number: 45-50067-19, 45-50067-24

Herm Sprenger Curogan Neck-Tech Collar -- Buckle *closeout*

Price: $67.99


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The Neck Tech prong collar features the Herm Sprenger ClicLock quick release buckle fastener. The curogan construction makes the Neck Tech 100% rust proof, and the strength of the materials makes this light weight design extra sturdy and increadibly strong. Superior to a plastic banded prong collar in longevity, style and performance the Neck Tech proudly represents German innovation and quality at its finest.

The enclosed design of the Neck Tech Sport conceals the prongs on both long hair and short hair dogs making this prong collar very discreet without the need for a nylon prong collar cover. Links can be added and removed to alter the size of the prong collar to fit any size dogs neck. All components are guaranteed never to rust, the superior materials used by Herm Sprenger offer uncompromising quality.

Each element (link) is made of curogan stamped of solid coiled stock. This collar is designed to replicate dog’s teeth for a natural influence on the dog’s neck. Pleasant for long and short hair breeds.

Curogan is a copper-tin-alloy with a high copper portion and some additives which make the material strong, but without any nickel.

Choose 19" or 24" collar size

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Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Prong Training Dog Collar

(1 / 5) 1 Review
0 out of 1 (0%) reviewers recommend this product.

March 7th, 2015
Still turns your dog's fur black because of the non-curogan buckle
The purpose of getting a curogan collar versus another type of metal is it doesn't turn the dog's coat black/grey. However, the collar is pointless because there is metal (located between the nylon straps) on there that does turn your dog's coat black.

No, I would NOT recommend this product.
on May 10th, 2015
The above comment has nothing to do with the fact that this collar is excellent in terms of being a prong collar. It is a good prong collar. I use it for my police k9 and it takes minimal about of force to apply a meaningful correction.

on March 3rd, 2016
The purpose of the collar is that it's a sturdy yet lightweight and attractive prong collar, the purpose of which is to train a dog such as not to pull. The purpose of the collar is NOT to NOT leave black marks on the dog's fur, and it never makes this claim. If all you want in a collar and its sole purpose is just to not leave marks on fur then just don't use any collar at all or use a fabric collar. This collar is meant to be an attractive and strong prong type collar used for various training and that's what most people want to know about before buying because they plan to use it for the purpose it was made for. It's not fair to give it one star because it didn't work for the purpose you wanted to use it for which was outside of its main purposes and claims. It only makes the claim that each link is made of curogan, it never says the buckle or rings are. So it's not fair to say the product is pointless and doesn't do anything it's supposed to, when it's not their fault that you misread the details and purchased it for a purpose other than the intended.


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