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Scratch Pants Oxford Nylon

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We have been asked to come up with nylon light-weight flashy scratch pants and so we did. These pants were designed for flexibility with a light-weight nylon oxford material. They are a stunning patriotic color scheme of red, white, blue, and black background. These scratch pants are the traditional double belt bib design. The top of the bib front has an inspiring 3D embroidered “Bark & Hold” dog and decoy in the blind graphic. The suspenders are adjustable with metal side release buckles. The bib pants have two belts. The interior is a leather roller buckle belt much like a regular pants belt, made of heavy latigo leather. The exterior belt has two slide adjusters and is a 2” wide nylon belt with metal surcingle buckle. There are side gussets in the pants side of the waist for easy on and they have Hook & Loop to keep the bibs from flaring out on the sides. This is a nice feature to keep the bibs from getting caught by the dog or the decoy's moving arm. These nylon scratch pants are fully lined and fully padded front and back. The bottom of the legs have side zippers to the knee so you won’t have to remove your shoes to put these pants on. On the bottom edge, the pants are reinforced and have an additional closing Hook & Loop strap. All seams are double stitched for reinforcement.

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Scratch Pants Oxford Nylon
Price: $179.99