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Open Task Training Carabiner Open Task Training Carabiner Task Training Tug

Open Task Training Carabiner

Part # 708247

(5 out of 5) from 2 Reviews
1 out of 1 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.
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This is my new favorite training tool. I use all our other open command tools but have found there are places that I needed a solid tool that would hook on with a wide opening and a narrow loop to attach to certain types of doors and drawers. Thus the invention of the Open Task Training Carabiner.    It is approximately 15” long and can fold in half so it will fit into a pocket or bag. The carabiner has a cushioned foam grip for your hand and the opening is wide to fit almost anything a dog needs to open. It is very easy to operate you just need to push the silver section of the carabiner against the door or drawer handle and it spring opens and then spring closes itself. The end of the carabiner is fitted with a black poly material soft bite tug.  I have not found a dog that will not put its mouth on this material. It is non-abrasive to the dog and it won’t hurt the dog’s mouth. The tug is removable and can be replaced when necessary. Colors sent may vary between black, red, or blue. Like everything we make, it's Made in the USA.

*Carabiner color may vary


(5 out of 5) from 2 Reviews
1 out of 1 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.

Rochester, MN
July 17th, 2019
Great pull!
My assistance dog was having problems pulling things open until This arrived! Gives enough for the dog to grab on, and the carabiner is big and sturdy.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

October 25th, 2012
Thank you!
Thank you for continuing to produce wonderful, high quality products for this community. I cannot tell you how much the carabiner tug has helped me and my service dog! I was using a makeshift solution of my own design, LOL! Sonia Doberman thanks you too!

SUSAN MAZIARZ on June 2nd, 2015
This tool looks like an excellent answer to my problem. My Service Dog was trained by an agency and they utilized braided soft nylon material tugs that I would tie omto handles etc. that works well in my home, but not so well in public. I am certainly going to get this tool. Thank You so much!


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