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Tubular Nylon Drag Line Tubular Nylon Drag Line

Tubular Nylon Drag Line

Part # 208100, 208101


Super strong super durable tubular nylon drag lines with brass hardware will last a lifetime. Our nylon lines are only 3/4” wide and are made from a tubular webbing making them light weight. Tubular webbing is woven in a continuous circle and when pressed it gives the webbing two layers and this is where the strength comes from. Nylon webbing is more rot resistant than other webbings which causes it to be very durable and have a long use life. We use quality brass bolt snaps on these lines and box-tac stitch them into the lines for secure work use. There is no handle on the drag lines so that the drag line can be easily slipped through your hand while training or working your dog. 

Available in 10' or 15' lengths

Color: Black



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Tubular Nylon Drag Line
208100, 208101
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