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Hard Jute Training Stick 2x9

Part # 007003, 007003TH


Why do the working dogs love Jute! I have not seen a dog yet that does not get excited over a jute reward. This item is a Jute Stick training reward. It measures 2"W X 9"L in size, plus 5" for each handle. The handle is made of heavy red strapping that is stitched all the way through the Jute Stick so it will not pull out. This Jute Stick has no stuffing and is 4 layers of jute that is tight and all doubled stitched through for a tuff piece of goods. Like the Jute tugs these Jute Sticks work great as motivation during obedience training. If you need your dog to be more excited and focus on your face just put the tug in the top of your jacket or shirt with the handle hanging out. The dog will quickly learn that if it does well it will get the Tug for a reward. These sticks also work well when practicing the down/retrieve command they are a little denser, stiffer and heavier than the Tug so you can throw farther. This Jute Stick should not be used as a chew toy and never leave any handled toys alone with your dog.

Available with 1 or 2 handles 

Color of tug handle will vary



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Hard Jute Training Stick 2x9
007003, 007003TH
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