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TECHKEWLâ„¢ Phase Change Cooling Cooling Dog Coat

TECHKEWL Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat

Part # 962600


TECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat secures at neck and around the belly keeping your dog cool on hot days while it runs and plays. This vest provides 2-3 hours of cooling relief at a consistent 58F (14C), while your dog works or plays. This coat is designed to allow for the leash and collar to pass through the vest allowing you to maintain complete control of your animal.

Include one (1) set of COOL PAX™ Phase Change Cooling Inserts. Replacement inserts available seperately. Available in khaki or royal blue color.

TECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling items can be machine washed after removing the COOL PAX™ cooling inserts.

 Note: This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer and is not available for express shipment.  It will be shipped USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

Size    Dimensions    
S/M9"-12" back
M/L12"-18" back
L/XL18"-24" back

1) Freeze Inserts for 30 Minutes
2) Insert Cool Pax™ in Cooling Vest
3) Stay Kewl!


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