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Gamma Travel-tainer pet food container Gamma Travel-tainer portable pet food dish Gamma Travel-tainer pet food dish

Travel-tainer - 2 qt

Part # 601110

Price: $16.95


The TRAVEL-tainer keeps your pet food fresh, in an easy carry, airtight, food grade plastic container. Just remove the carry handle and pull off the food/water dishes. Twist off top and pour! Perfect for quick trips!

System includes 2 each, One Quart Bowls (Royal Blue), 1 Clear Two Quart Container, and Black Plastic Carry Handle.

Complete Transportable Pet Feeding System.
Airtight - Keeps Food Fresh.
Easy Meals on the Go.
Compact Design (Transforms in seconds).

Important Note: The colored bowls are dishwasher safe...the clear plastic container IS NOT. Only wash the clear container by hand.

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Travel-tainer - 2 qt
Price: $16.95