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Illuminated LED Service Dog Vest

Part # 707585

(5 out of 5) from 3 Reviews
2 out of 2 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.
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 Our Illuminated LED Service Dog Vest is the most visible vest you can buy. It is highly noticeable both day and evening and the safest dog vest possible for visibility. This vest has been in product development for two years and great thought has gone into developing this Service Dog Vest. With the new technology for illumination we are now able to present this vest into the market place. The color of this vest is bright white but not to worry because the entire vest is covered in clear vinyl so it is very easy to wipe off any dirt or soil. The Illuminated Service Dog Vest Vest has blue lights that encompass the entire perimeter of the vest and also over the dog's back as well. When you are working with your dog in evening hours the blue lights can be seen from blocks away. For those in a wheelchair situation safety is always a concern in evening hours because the dog and handler in the wheelchair are simply lower than the driver of a vehicle.  The vest lights can be used in three capacities: constant on, flashing, or in slow strobe light. Very easy access to the lights switch for changing the desired setting. The battery pack runs on 2 AA batteries and they are included with the Illuminated Vest. Other features of this vest are adjustable chest and girth straps. The vest is comfort padded for the dog. Reflective safety webbing is all around the edge of the vest and additional reflective webbing is over the back of the vest. The handle is a soft grip molded vinyl handle with attached metal welded D-ring. The handle is attached to lay flat to the vest or it can stand up for use. Having the handle lay flat is a nice feature for when the dog needs to be under a table at a restaurant, under a bus seat, or under a desk while working. On the side of the vest is a clear vinyl window pocket for your ID. Your ID will not slip out and be lost as the pocket opens and closes with hook & loop. The back section of the Illuminated Vest has large embroidery work that states: Working Service Dog---Public Access Required By Law. You can also order this dog vest with no embroidery if you choose.

Light Source: EL Wire with LED Indicator Light

Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated as EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it. It can be used in a wide variety of applications—vehicle and/or structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting, toys, clothing etc.—much as rope light or Christmas lights are often used. Unlike these types of strand lights, EL wire is not a series of points, but produces a 360 degree unbroken line of visible light. Its thin diameter makes it flexible and ideal for use in a variety of applications such as clothing or costumes.


Size Chart
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Girth 22"-25" 26"-31" 31"-39" 36"-45"


(5 out of 5) from 3 Reviews
2 out of 2 (100%) reviewers recommend this product.

Las Vegas
March 11th, 2017
Adding pics
Just wanted to add pics of the actual vest.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

Las Vegas
December 27th, 2016
Impressed with the vest and Cust Service
So, in August we went to Disneyland where after a night time parade, our autistic son and his service dog were ran over by an unapologetic woman on a mobile scooter. Knowing we were going back in October for Halloween we searched all over for better lighting options and found the answer to our needs in this vest. The looks of the vest are great, and at night it lights up brightly in 3 different settings. There is a plastic outer lining that glows with the lights to assist in seeing the dog and our son who is constantly attached to her. The vest worked great for the first day or two, however we then saw what was in our opinion a design flaw. The battery/controller pack was held onto the pack by a canvass pouch and Velcro. As our dog, a Rottweiler, would shake, the controller would come off the Velcro and start flopping side to side very hard. This would cause the lights to short out, and even come unattached and go sailing away, the controller also hit our son numerous times as he stood next to her. after a week we walked away from our trip very unhappy about our $109 purchase.
I later contacted and spoke with Amy. I advised her that I was about to write my review of this vest and decided that I would call the company first prior to reviewing this product. Amy listened to my frustrations and also to my recommendations. she advised me that while they had not received any complaints for this product, that she was, (actually) taking notes and she was going to take this information to a staff meeting the following Monday. I was happy to hear that she was not brushing me off immediately, as that is becoming the standard of customer service in business lately. I thanked her and hung up, hopeful that there may be a design change but not expecting much.
On November 18th I received a voicemail from Amy advising me that as a result of my call the design team had decided to move toward a redesign of the product. This was awesome, again given the customer service that I normally get from places these days.
In December we received an unexpected package and opened it to find that the re-designed illuminated vest had been sent to us by and by Amy. this was a classy move that is very much appreciated and the vest looks and works great! They actually used my idea and the controller fits snugly into a new pouch that is built into the vest as opposed to velcro'd onto it.
Now we can go on walks, hit Disneyland, and enjoy our nights as a family knowing that our son and his Autism service dog are going to be visible and safer.

Thank you again. I definitely recommend this product and company.
Jed Robbins

Pics don't show lighted vest but the patriotic vest which also rocks.

Yes, I would recommend this product.

December 19th, 2014
Great Product
we are so VERY pleased with the light up service dog vest! i had someone ask me while we were out using it, if i knew of any light up people vests being designed anywhere, as she does a lot of things at night, and she would love to have one for herself. so just thought i would mention that it would be really cool if you could a design a light up people vest too be super cool. just thought i would pass the idea along in case you can do something like that for people. thanks.


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