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Agility In-ground Weave Poles 36"

Part # 350760


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One word describes these weaver poles, and that word is “Substantial”.  Most in-ground weaver poles are not that great but the Agility In-Ground Weaver Poles are the exception.  They are very sturdy and well built. These poles are attractively done.  They are wrapped in yellow paw print wraps; the vinyl wraps are placed at 10” and 20” above ground. So, there is no taping to be done on the poles when you receive them. The top pvc caps are yellow, the wraps are yellow, the poles are royal blue. The in-ground posts are 5/8” thick and made from no rust aluminum.  The posts are bolted all the way through the poles.

These weaver poles are made from the highest-grade colored PVC.  It is the most attractive, durable and long-lasting furniture PVC on the market.  This Furniture Grade PVC is ultraviolet (UV) and corrosion resistant and infused with modifiers that allow extra load onto the pipe.  This furniture grade PVC will not yellow and bend in the outdoor sun light. The top pole caps are also the same quality grade PVC that have tapered edges for smooth edge transition.  There are no sharp corners and the caps fit secure. This is a considerably more expensive PVC than what can be purchased at the local hardware store but the beauty, longevity and strength are well worth is. The height of these In-Ground Weaver Poles is 36” in length, not counting the post end.

The sets comes in a convenient reinforced bottom carry bag w/shoulder strap and a vinyl pole position guide.  The pole position guide has the grommets spaced 24” apart and is made from blue pvc outdoor vinyl material.  The pole guide is a very nice feature so you do not have to bring a tape measure to the training field to set up the poles.  Just place the posts into the grommet holes, pound them in, and they will be positioned evenly apart.  (Never use a metal hammer on any pvc product). 

They are assembled and ready to use.
Choose from 3 options; 6 Poles, 6 Pole Set or 12 Pole Set. 
Made in the USA.

* Furniture Grade PVC
* 5/8” No Rust In-Ground Posts
* Attractive Pole Paw Wraps
* Carry Bag w/Shoulder strap
* Pole Position Guide Included
* Completely Assembled


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