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Channel Weave Set


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One of the newest methods to training the weave poles that is gaining in popularity is the "channel method", in which two parallel rows of weave poles are put side by side, but offset in such a way that the dog has a center "channel" to run down.  At first your dog is not weaving (just getting a treat by running through to the other end).  But by slowly bringing the poles closer together, inch-by-inch, your dog will begin to weave without him even knowing it! When all poles are eventually brought fully together it is a straight line of poles, and if you are patient and don't rush the channel process, your dog will come to "understand" weaving and be less apt to miss poles in the future!

Specifications: The poles are 36" tall, spaced 24" apart, and 1" thick.  The same distance between the poles is used for all size dogs.  The poles rotate on their own fixture, allowing for infinite adjustments, but are not so loose to be pushed out of place.

You will get: When you order the Channel Weaves, you will get free tape for decorating the poles any way you'd like,  easy-to-use assembly instructions, and training tips.  Receive a connector piece with each set of 6 Weave Poles that will enable you to make a set of 12 Weave Poles.

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Agility Weave Poles w/Base


Q:   "How do I use the Channel Weave Poles?"

A:  The 'Channel Weave' method of training is similar in concept to our "weave-a-matic"-style practice Weave Set, in which the dog is not weaving at first, but just getting a reward after running all the way through the "channel". (see the first diagram).

Weave Setup 1

You may want to do this for about a week (if you practice for a short period of time each day) before bringing them close enough together to cause your dog to start weaving slightly (as shown in the next diagram).  Always remember that your dog must always enter on the *right* side of the first pole.

Weave Setup 2

After you think your dog is reliably (and eagerly) weaving "slightly", keep inching them closer together.  Its best to keep the whole process extended over the course of a few weeks.   If your dog ever "pops" out of a pole (skips one) then you should take some steps backwards, and spread the poles back out a little.  The purpose of the Channel Method of training is to reinforce the act of weaving to your dog, so he "understands" what is required of him.  That way, he is much less apt to ever miss a pole.

Weave Setup 3

Q.  "How do the poles adjust?"

A.  The upright poles pivot on a specially designed swinging arm. When adjusting the poles, you will turn each pole clockwise or counterclockwise until poles are in line, straight, and until you have your desired spacing set.   The pivots are not so loose, however, to cause your dog to push them out of place.

Q.  "What are the specifications and distances set at?"

A.  The poles are 24" apart, which is the optimum distance required. Weave poles are always spaced the same, no matter what the size of the dog using the poles  (unlike some of the other obstacles, like jumps, which must be adjusted for different size dogs).  The width of the "channel" that can be created is adjustable to to a maximum distance of 18" in width.

Q.  Can I use two Channel Weave sets to make a 12 Pole set?"

A. Yes, you may connect two or more 'Channel Weaves' together, making a '12 Pole Channel Weave Set'.  If you order 2 sets, you will get a free connector piece to use to connect them together.  


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