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Tufloc Stainless Steel Tufloc High-Security Locks

Part # 820019


Tufloc Locks feature a unique design eliminating weak points of standard padlock or shackle and hasp. These locks are trusted by the Military, government, and professionals in business when they want high-security locks.  The locks are very versatile in that they can accommodate many styles of doors (inward, outward, double-swing, sliding, and roll-up) along with misaligned doors. The lock comes with pick resistant core and the bolt resists sawing.  The cylinder face resists drilling and sawing and angle-cut key deters duplication.  The recessed carriage bolt holes deter tampering.  These locks cannot accidentally lock.  The keyed cylinders can be replaced.  There are different keying options available: Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, and Master Keyed. 


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