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Molle One Wrap Strap Molle One Wrap Strap Molle One Wrap Strap

CaliberDog MOLLE Onewrap Strap

Part # 842014

Price: $8.99


The MOLLE Onewrap Strap can be used anywhere that you can loop the 1” strap through.  You could use it on the MOLLE straps, D-rings, Handles, etc. located on the MOLLE Vest.  This 12” long hook and look strap is made from a two sided hook and loop product that hooks to itself.  The top of the Onewrap Strap has a metal loop so you can loop the hook and loop around your item and then back to the strap. This Onewrap Strap has many uses and can be used to attach or secure many types of items to the MOLLE Vest or MOLLE accessories.  

Size: 12"x1"

Two colors: coyote or black.


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