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8x11 Dog Breed Specific Decals

Part # 509231

Price: $9.99


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Our Dog Breed Specific Decals provide an opportunity to support your favorite dog breed. They adhere securely to any smooth surface. Place them on vehicle windows, tailgates, doors, walls, or even wheelchair backs. There is no background, so the decal has a "2D" effect. Each decal comes with photo instructions for easy application. These decals are a professional exterior grade vinyl.

These are the new design for the Dog Breed Specific Decals, and are offered in 40 different dog breeds and 4 colors.

Can be used indoors and outdoors on any smooth surface

Non static cling 5-6 year vinyl

8" Wide x 11" Tall

Available in: Red, Blue, White, and Black

8x11 Dog Breed Specific Decals

8x11 Dog Breed Specific Decals


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