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Premier PriZm II Reflector Lightheads

Part # 83003

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Premier PriZm II LED Reflector lightheads are the next generation of lightbars.  With the PriZm II technology these lightheads reflect twice as much as the competition.  The standard bars come with a central controller that has 600 series software pre-installed.  The 800 series software may be substituted for the 600 series.  The 800 series designates the flash pattern selection in pairs of lightheads.  This gives the user one touch settings of the flash patterns.  Most of the standard lightbars comes with takedown lights in the front center of the lightbar.  The takedowns have flasher or steady burn features.  The lightbars also come with built in ArrowStick functionality, except where noted, which saves from replacing needed lights for the ArrowStick.  Choose from Red, Blue, Amber, or Clear for the top cover of the light. The standard lightheads are single color. 
If you would like multi-color lightheads please call.  With the multi-color lightheads you get one lighthead with two full sets of colors.  The muti-color lightheads with the ArrowStick have three colors running on the rear.  Also with the multi-color there is no need for the takedown light as when both colors are on they act just like takedowns.  The multi-color lightheads come with the 950 series software for the central controller.
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