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Frontier Mini Bar Frontier Mini Bar Frontier Mini Bar

Frontier LED Mini Bar

Part # 83013

Price: $434.70


Frontier LED Mini Bar is a high quality lighbar.  The bar has 21 flash patterns that change with a touch of a finger.  The patterns are layed out in the information tab.  It comes with clear UV protection high impact plastic lens and black interior prevents UV degeration of the interal parts.  Choice of LED' s are Amber, Red, or Blue with Amber, Red, or, blue lenses.  The mini bar comes with a 9 foot cord with a lighter plug and switch.  These lights are rated for 100,000 hours and a o-ring sealed case.  Comes with magentic feet and the permenat mounting kit, the permenat mounting kit can be used to raise the mini bar up with the magnetic feet.



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Frontier LED Mini Bar
Price: $434.70