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Detection Dog Metal ID Badge Detection Dog Metal ID Badge

Detection Dog ID

Part # 7075576

Price: $25.00

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The Detection Dog ID is made from aluminum. It is coated on both sides and then the ID information is baked into the finish using a sublimation process, this gives it a strong bonded finish.  There is the ability to have custom wording along the sides of the picture, words running vertical.  

The slot at the top allows you to: 1) You can hook it through the snap hook that is on our cape or padded harness vest. 2) You can purchase a plastic & metal clip or split ring clip if you want to attach the ID to a bag, coat, collar, etc. 3) You can purchase a lanyard and hang the ID around your neck.

We don't recommend putting the ID in a vinyl pocket.


Size is 3.5”x2”

Information on the ID is displayed vertically


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Detection Dog ID
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