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S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness S&R Hi Vis Harness

Search & Rescue Hi-Vis Tracking Harness

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After working in search & rescue with one of my dogs, I realized that there was a need for a double girth harness that was made from the new highly visible yellow/lime fabric.  You see this bright fabric used in  road construction and nearly all dangerous work situations.  In S&R work we wear this new bright yellow/lime color clothing.  The S&R Hi Vis Double Girth Harness has several unique features that make it very functional for the working dog.  This harness has two girth straps, this is a great feature making the harness more stable on the dog when tracking.  The harness has two D-rings one on the neck area of the harness and the other on the back of the harness.  When working a long line it can be attached to the back D-ring.  This not only gives the dog better free movement but the line tends to tangle less around the dog because it is attached up on the lower part of the dogs back.  The chest area has reflective webbing and is padded and lined with Sherpa. 

This chest pad protects the dog’s chest running through brush.  A dog has its power in its chest and the pressure of the harness against its chest actually takes the stress off the girth straps when the dog is running and pulling against the line.  The top of the harness has a handle that folds down and uses hook and loop to attach back onto the harness so it can be down when the dog is working and this style of handle will not as easily get caught on objects.  The back plate of the harness is also padded with Sherpa for comfort on the dogs back.  There is reflective webbing all around this harness for evening work.  The S&R Hi Vis Double Girth Harness was designed to accommodate the GoPro camera mount (sold separately).  This is a nice feature while working the dog during search work, building searches, and general training. In this harness we will still offer the traditional fluorescent orange fabric choice as well.  Choose from Yellow/Lime or Fluorescent Orange colors.

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