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SuperVisor TS  interior lightbar SuperVisor TS  interior lightbar SuperVisor TS interior lightbar layout

SuperVisor Torus for Truck

Part # 8306


SuperVisor Torus for Truck is made for a custom fit into specific vehicle types. Since this lightbar is custom, the lights do not shine into the driver's or passenger's eyes. The thin design keeps the car undercover until energized. Torus technology is used when making the lights.  They are easy to install and drilling is not required. The bar mounts underneath the visor, using the visor mounts to keep it in place. The interior lightbar comes custom for the 2007+ Tahoe, 2007-2013 Silverado, 2007+ Suburban, 2007+ Expedition, 2012+ Police Interceptor Utility, 2013+ Durango, 2011+ F-150,  and the 2007-2011+ Explorer.



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SuperVisor Torus for Truck
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