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Z3 Siren Siren Amplifier

Z3 Siren

Part # 832190


The Code3 Z3 Remote Siren is ideal for Officers.  The buttons have different sizes and shapes to allow for use without taking your eyes off the road.   The buttons are also backlit and change color for use at night.  The backlight brightness is adjustable by the operator.  The control panel has 5 programmable siren buttons, 8 programmable auxiliary buttons, and a programmable 3 level switch with a 4th position.  Two of the auxiliary buttons can be programmed for ground or positive switching.  The control head is color coded into three sections.  The red section is for sirens and primary lighting, the blue section is for auxiliary lighting and other equipment, and the yellow section is for traffic or warning function.  There is a built in park kill to turn lights and siren function off when the vehicle is in park.  This feature can be used on a ground or positive input so the park kill can be turn on by other inputs.  The PA microphone is user adjustable to be heard in any situation.  There is a PA stuck mic sensor that returns the siren to normal functions if the microphone gets stuck in PA mode.  The Z3 Siren features a Battery Voltage Check Sensor  that shuts down the sirens and lights if the battery goes below a programmed voltage.  There is also a sleep mode for when the vehicle is shut off.  This eliminates dead batteries from lights and siren use.  Horn-ring transfer allows for use of the siren with the steering wheel without having to take your eyes off the road.  Using the Z3 HUB you can operate the Z3 system from multiple control devices, control head, Z3 SWIF, and VLink.

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Z3 Siren
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