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MasterCom B Series

MasterCom B Series

Part # 832290


MasterCom B Series Siren is a smaller siren box used for police, fire, and EMS units.  The standard siren features are a turn knob for siren function, turn knob for volume control over PA, button for manual siren, and button for air horn.  The 2 upgrade packages include a 3-level progressive switch and 6 additional buttons.  One upgrade package comes with 6 On/Off buttons and the other with 5 On/Off buttons and 1 Momentary at position "C". Momentary at position "C" means push and hold for operations to take place and once released the operation will stop.  There is automatic short circuit protection, park kill, adjustable backlight and siren lock.  When wired properly you can use the siren from the steering wheel controls.  The siren put out 200w.  The system has Rebroadcasting.  Optional wireless mic plug in, mic sold separately




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MasterCom B Series
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