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Code3 Scorpion Siren

Code3 Scorpion Siren

Part # 832340


The Code3 Scorpion Siren is compact and simple to use.  There are 3 buttons that control the tone selection.  The 2 triangle shaped buttons scroll through the wail, yelp, and hyperyelp while the square button is the manual override momentary button.  There is a toggle switch on the Model 3932 for Radio rebroadcasting.  When turned on, the siren only allows the 2-way radio hooked up to the siren to be outputted through the siren speakers.  The P.A. system is activated when the PTT button on the microphone is pressed and resumes any operations that were taking place before the button was pressed when released.  The siren is turned on and off by the ignition switch of the vehicle.  You can also turn off the siren by pressing both the triangle buttons at the same time.  Both models include an output short circuit protect.  If a short circuit is detected from the siren to the speaker, the siren won't function until the short is fixed.  The size of the siren is 6.75" wide x 6.75" deep x 2.25" high giving it the ability to be placed anywhere you desire.  The model 3932 has some added features versus 3930.  The 3932 added features are park kill, adjustable backlighting, and horn ring remote scroll.  The park kill features disables the siren when the vehicle is park.  The adjustable backlighting allows for the connection of a dimmer switch and is independent of the power to the siren.  The horn ring remote scroll allows you to switch between siren tones with having to take your eyes off the road of your hands off the steering wheel.  Both models are available in 12v or 24v input.

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Code3 Scorpion Siren
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