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AceK9 No K9 Left Behind

AceK9 No K9 Left Behind

Part # 8110502

Price: $77.50

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“No K9 Left Behind”

 This feature keeps the system ON until the handler actually removes the K9 from the vehicle.  At end of shift, when the handler turns OFF the ignition, there is an audible and visual warning reminding them to remove the K9.

 “ No K9 Left Behind ”

“ Open door and remove K9! ”

Only when they open the rear door where the K9 is located and remove the K9, will the system shut down.  If the handler does not remove the K9, the system will continue to sound inside the vehicle and give a short honk of the vehicle’s horn a couple of times to remind the handler to remove the K9.  If the K9 is still not removed, the system will stay ON and keep monitoring the interior environment for the K9.


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AceK9 No K9 Left Behind
Price: $77.50