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AceK9 Automatic Engine Start Software Option with Engine Stall Sensor

Part # 8110503

Price: $195.00

Serial Number of Unit:


The K9 HEAT ALARM® PRO & K9 HOT-N-POP® PRO units have optional Automatic Engine Start Software available.

This software will enable the AceK9 PRO Series alarm system to activate a remote start unit already installed in your vehicle.
The Auto Start Option monitors High Temperature, Low Temperature, Engine Stall, as well as Low Battery condition. If any of these conditions exist the Acek9 Pro Series System will send the vehicles Auto Start Module a signal to start the vehicle. The temperatures are fully settable by the interactive menu. In the event that the alarm condition is not corrected the system will go into full alert activating the horn, siren, light bar, windows (hot only) and any other installed optional alert features.

Note: Remote Start unit not included, your remote start unit must have a negative trigger input for this feature to work.


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